Dr. Eve Johnson Russell-Sanbourne
Eve Johnson
Portrayed by Tracey Ross (1999-2008)
Amanda Maiden (temporary)
Kimberly Kevon Williams (temporary)
Status Alive
Duration 1999-2008
First appearance July 5, 1999
Last appearance August 7, 2008
Cause/reason Show Cancellation
Family Irma Johnson (aunt)
Full name Eve Johnson (formerly Russell)
Gender Female
Born 1960s
Occupation Doctor
Residence Russell House

Harmony, New England

Eve Johnson-Sanbourne (formerly Russell) is a fictional character on NBC/DirecTV soap opera Passions. Eve is played by Tracey Ross throughout the series' entire run until its cancellation in 2008 due to lower ratings. Amanda Maiden portrayed Eve in a 2001 flashback at age 19, and later still Kimberly Kevon Williams replaced Maiden in a flashback to Eve's past when she was 20.

Character HistoryEdit

Eve is the daughter of the late Warren Johnson and his late deceased wife Ruby Lincoln Johnson. Eve grew up in the south. After her father's death her late mother married a man named Mr. Sanbourne who was a sexual predator and the two adopted a daughter named Liz. Eve eventually left her sister Liz, home as a late teenager at 19 and went to Boston where she became a singer and was involved in prostitution and drugs. Boston is where she first met Julian Crane and an old late friend Crystal Harris. Julian and Eve fell in love but eventually Eve became pregnant and the two broke up. Eve gave birth to the baby with her best friend Crystal there for support. Eve had been told the baby died, but she later came to doubt the truth of that information and eventually it was revealed that Vincent Clarkson was her long lost son with Julian. Some time later Eve turned her life around, gave up singing, devoted herself to medicine and became a doctor. Eventually she came to Harmony and married a man named T.C. Russell with whom she had two daughters Whitney Russell and Simone Russell. Eve kept her past a secret hoping her children wouldn't make the same mistakes she had made in her youth.

Eve's past was unearthed by the bitch, Ivy Winthrop who blackmailed her into helping break up the marriage of Sam Bennett and Grace Bennett. Soon after Eve's adopted sister Liz Sanbourne arrived in town and made it her mission to destroy any happiness in Eve's life. Liz blamed Eve for leaving the family and the molestation that Liz suffered at the hands of her adopted father Mr. Sanbourne. Liz used Irma the sister of Eve's father to reveal all of Eve's secrets which destroyed her relationship with her husband and children. It was at this point that Eve (and the rest of Harmony) assumed her pregnant daughter's boyfriend Chad Harris was in fact Eve's son with Julian and thus her children were committing incest (it would later be revealed Liz had given birth to Chad after being raped by Julian's father and that Liz was adopted). T.C. soon left Eve and shacked up with Liz. Eve and Julian eventually reconnected and renewed their relationship despite the fact that Julian's wife Rebecca Hotchkiss refused to grant him a divorce.

Eve had recently been torn between taking care of T.C. or being with her fiance, Julian. Things came to a head when Julian chose to have an affair with Valerie Davis. Eve forgave Julian soon after and had sex with him in his office shortly after his romp with Valerie there just minutes earlier but the two soon began bickering about T.C. again and after some harsh words the two ended their engagement. But the love that they shared was still there, though neither acted upon it. Eve confessed her part in Ivy's schemes in breaking up the Bennett family, and Eve blamed herself when Grace was assassinated in England. Julian soon became the lover of his former wife Ivy, and Eve busied herself with work and her family relationships, until Julian contacted her and told her that he was paying Valerie to help search for there long lost son. Eve eventually forgave the woman who had ruined her engagement, and soon Valerie managed to locate her long lost son.

In the summer of 2007, the Harmony "Nightstalker" was revealed to be Vincent Clarkson, a local tabloid editor. It was quickly revealed that Vincent was the son of Julian and Eve. Eve tried to be as supportive of Vincent as she could, but soon went off the deep end when Vincent revealed he was a half-man, half-woman (His female identity was later discovered to be Valerie Davis). While Julian remained collected about the discovery of his criminal son, the same could not be said of Eve, as she took a nosedive into drugs and alcohol. Eve has also attempted suicide by cutting her wrist with a letter opener under the influence of her evil-minded son. Unsurprisingly, This has put a strain on her medical career. Gwen Hotchkiss eventually slapped Eve across the face after Eve showed little effort in stabilizing baby Jonathan.

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